Tuesday, June 4, 2019

ANNOUNCEMENT!!! The War Research Foundation is Born!!

I am thrilled to announce the birth of my non-profit company, the War Research Foundation*!  I filed for it's inception last month, and was thrilled to receive the letter from the Secretary of State Tre Hargett this weekend, stating that my foundation has been approved for exemption from the registration requirements of the Charitable Solicitation Act (non-profit status) for the State of Tennessee. 

I've been working full-time (pro bono) for almost a decade in the arena of global conflict research.  I've worked thousands of projects over the years with wonderful researchers and families all over the world.  At any given time I have about a dozen projects open, so I stay busy!  My research has spanned the US Civil War, Spanish-American War, WW1, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam, and the Global War on Terror (GWOT).  This website (WWIIFILES) has been a sweet place to pop up some of the stories I've worked on, but has been neglected in terms of a comprehensive collection of my work. 

I started this foundation in order to be an umbrella company to all the projects and research I've worked on over the years and
Moving forward. Leading battlefield tours, writing books, partnering on projects in the UK, Western Europe, and Asia; returning war relics, erecting small memorials in museums and on battlegrounds, archiving and preserving a private War museum of artifacts, researching battle specifics of casualties, KIAs, DOWs, POWs, digitizing and archiving collections of photos, war diaries, rosters, daily journals, after action reports, and more than 7,000 other military documents from many combat units, producing short documentaries on all of the above is just some of the work I've done over the years. 

Many people have asked over the years if there were a way to contribute monetarily to these projects which require money for travel, yearly research fees and books, printing, funds for memorial plaques, shipping and handling, and many other items which require money.  I have never been comfortable taking monetary gifts for my work.  However, my War Research Foundation provides a secure and accountable place for patrons to give in a capacity that protects them as well.  I am currently saving up for the hefty fee of filing for my 501(c)(3) status, which will make all donations tax deductible.  If anyone has questions about my past work and future projects, please email me at warresearchfoundation@gmail.com.  I will be happy to detail my foundation's monetary needs and budget.  If you would like to send a secure Paypal donation to support the War Research Foundation's ongoing and future work, please click below.


Thank you for your patience as I draw up a website and bring the War Research Foundation to life.  This foundation will be a home to all things global conflict related.  It is the goal of this foundation to illuminate the truth of what those who've come before us have experienced and overcome while enduring the violence of War.  

*The War Research Foundation has the TN Business ID Number CO34023.

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