Wednesday, January 20, 2016

PRINSES IRENE BRIGADE- In Memoriam, Cornelis Johannes Picokrie, 12.16.1926 - 4.25.1945

WWII Prinses Irene Brigade Patch-
Courtesy of Tim Sloots
I've recently become acquainted with a gentleman whose Grandfather's brother fought with the Prinses Irene Brigade in WWII.  
This unusual Dutch brigade (formed in England in 1940), deserves notoriety and a wider recognition among history buffs worldwide. 

There is more to come in regards to the story of my friend's family member who was a surviving member of the Prinses Irene Brigade.
Cornelis Johannes Picokrie
KIA April 25, 1945
But for today, I am posting a of a young warrior who did not make it home.  

Cornelis Johannes
Born December 16, 1924
KIA April 25, 1945
He was 20.

With permission from the webmaster at here is a translated detail of his death: 

"Of Combat Group III, there were two KIA's the morning of April 25, 1945; Sprenkeling and Picokrie.  The latter, a Tilburg boy of 20, died during a heroic action as a shooter/rifleman."

This is the battle the Brigade was involved with during the last week of April 1945.  
According to the Prinses Irene Brigade unit history, 
"The Brigade was assigned to the British 116th Mariners Brigade and captured a bridgehead in Hedel on April 23 for the advance in the Bommelerwaard. It managed to hold the bridgehead in spite of heavy German attacks; however, when ..orders were received the Brigade withdrew to the south of the Maas because the advance could not be effected."

C.J.Picokrie's grave, 

Tilburg, Netherlands
Cornelis Picokrie's grave (at right) is located at the Roman Catholic Cemetery at St. Joseph Hil in Tilburg, Netherlands; 
Section B-1, #55.

May we always remember. 

January 20, 2016

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