Friday, May 27, 2016

WWIIPOD: No. 3 Commando Survivors of the Dieppe Raid Return to Newhaven, August 1942

Survivors of No. 3 Commando returning to Newhaven 
after Dieppe raid, 
August 1942.
~~Lt J H Spender (War Office official photographer) 
IWM # H 22588

Saturday, May 21, 2016

WWIIPOD: Lt Jack Butler 82nd CMB with Filipino Guerrilla Ricardo Gimotea, June 1945

Lt. Jack Butler of the 82nd Chemical Mortar Battalion with Filipino guerrilla Ricardo Gimotea sometime after Shimbu Line was broken around June 20, 1945. Ric and his cousin Jose had been fighting the Japanese for three years when they joined 2nd plt of the 82nd CMB. They were expert linesmen through difficult terrain, and described as "courageous and willing" warriors. 
- WWII Files
May 21, 2016, with research from Lt Col (Ret.) Jack Butler's memoirs and recollections

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

WWIIPOD: Camouflaged Australian Rifles at Outpost, Salamaua, New Guinea 1942

"Three members of The New Guinea Rifles, bearded and camouflaged, man an observation post (OP), above Nuk Nuk, Salamaua, New Guinea. August 1942. 
L to R: Rfn GR Archer, Rfn J Cavanaugh, Sgt JB McAdam."

Courtesy of the Australian War Memorial

Thursday, May 5, 2016

#WWIIPOD- Commemoration Day Netherlands, Lance-Corporal Harry Repay in Nijmegan

Commemorating Liberation Day Netherlands 5.5.1945
Even though this photo was 6 months before Liberation Day, it shows the bond between a Dutch family and Canadian trooper who is there to fight for their freedom.

"Lance-Corporal Harry Repay of the Scout Platoon, South Saskatchewan Regiment, visiting a Dutch family in their home near Nijmegen, Netherlands, 8 December 1944.

Photographer: Dean, Michael M.
Location: Nijmegen, Netherlands"
Courtesy Library and Archives Cana

#WWIIPOD James Thrasher KIA 12-11-1944, Westminster Regiment

"Lance-Corporal J.A. Thrasher of The Westminster Regiment (Motor), who holds the PIAT anti-tank weapon with which he disabled the German self-propelled 88mm. gun on which he is sitting, near Pontecorvo, Italy, 26 May 1944."
 (Photographer: Smith, Strathy E.E. Courtesy of Library and Archives Canada)

James Alton Thrasher was soon promoted to Sargent but was killed in action about 7 months after this photo was taken on December 11, 1944. September 8, 1917 - December 11, 1944
Service Number:  K/49637
Age: 27
Force: Army
Unit: Westminster Regiment (Motor)
Citation(s):  1939-45 Star, Italy Star, War Medal, Canadian Volunteer Service Medal and Clasp.
WWII Westminster Regiment badge in WWIIFiles collection