Monday, July 20, 2015

#WWIIPOD : Arnhem Survivors, September 1944

British paratroopers after successful evacuation from Oosterbeek Cauldron, Holland, September 26,1944

 Members of the 1st Airborne Division, mostly 1st Border, safe in the grounds of the Missionary College in Nijmegen, on Tuesday 26th September, after being successfully evacuated across the Rhine. 

Left to right, 
Back row: Privates Jack Cohen (Divisional HQ's Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry Defence Platoon), Poule (from Sheffield, unit unknown), Johnny Peters (No.14 Platoon, B Company, 1st Border, from Liverpool). 

Middle row: Lance-Corporal C. McInnes (23 Mortar Platoon, 1st Border), Private D. Doran (1st Border), unknown. 

Front row: Corporal Jim McDowell (23 Mortar Platoon, 1st Border), unknown, Private Danny Shaw (9th Field Company, RE), Lance-Corporal Thomas McKewan (No.18 Platoon, 10th Battalion), Private Patrick John (1st Border, KIA 11th October 1944), Private A. R. Morgan-Lewis (Royal Signals, 1st Airlanding Brigade), Trooper Jim Cooke (Recce Squadron), Lance-Corporal Ronny Lord (23 Mortar Platoon, 1st Border), WO Terry Armstrong, Lance-Corporal S. "Judy" Wright (Divisional HQ's Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry Defence Platoon). 

Copyright: IWM HU3722.

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