Friday, June 17, 2016

WWIIPOD: 1st Welsh Guards, near Cagny, Caen, Normandy, July 19, 1944

Colourised image © Welsh Guards Archives / Tom Marshall 2014. All rights reserved.

"No.4 Company, 1st.Welsh Guards, in action near Cagny, Caen, Normandy during 'Operation Goodwood'. 19th of July 1944. 

The Company Commander, Maj J. D. A. Syrett, is seen
indicating a mortar target to Sgt Veysey. 
Gdsm Kitchen is in the foreground and Gdsm Fenwick is the Bren gunner. 
Major Syrett was killed a few days later."

Major JDA
Syrett's grave

RIGHT:   Paperwork for 
JDA Syrett's gravestone
KIA July 22, 1944


  1. Nice to see this photo in colour. Could you amend the text to show my uncle's correct name please. He was John Arthur VEYSEY not Vessey.
    He died 15/04/1947 and is buried in Abercarn Cemetery, Wales.
    I have a photo of his headstone if you want a copy?
    Steve Veysey

    1. The typo has been updated! And yes! Please send a photo of the headstone and a photo of him if you have it to
      Thank you!