Thursday, July 21, 2016

Legendary Major General John Frost "THIS IS YOUR LIFE" episode; 20 years post WWII

LTC John Frost speaking to the people of Arnhem in 1945 at the unveiling of a monument to commemorate the bridge action. Copyright: Imperial War Museum.
     This is one of the coolest interviews/television shows I've ever seen: 
"This Is Your Life; Major General John Frost"
It covered his military career and campaigns from Feb '42, Operation Biting in Bruneval, France, North Africa/Tunisian campaign, Sicily and the Italian campaign, to his capture at Arnhem September '44. If you've studied the 1st Para Brigade you'll hear many familiar names- I loved seeing Major General Frost reunited with men from every time and place he fought during the War; even his German counterpart! The audio is out of sync in Part 2, but still well worth the watch:

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