Thursday, May 16, 2019

UNKNOWN African-American WW2 Naval Chief Petty Officer and beautiful woman Margie

I'm publishing these photos in as large a format as they will scan.  I found them together in an envelope at an antiques mall in Knoxville, TN.  "Margie" is the beautiful woman's name in the 3 photos below.  The Chief Petty Officer's name is unknown.  The back of one of Margie portraits is dated 1944.  However, based on the sailor’s ribbon bars, I believe his photo was taken post-WW2.  I'm going with chief petty officer based off his cap. 

I'm working to make out which ribbon bars he is wearing on his suit and what city he is in.  
So far I'm thinking top to botton, L to R:
1) Navy and Marine ribbon
2)American Defense 
3) Philippine Liberation Medal
4) ????
5) Asia-Pacific w/ 3 campaign stars
6) American Theater Campaign
7) Navy good Conduct

The stories of our African-American WW2 heroes are largely not understood or known. I'm working on a series of African-American soldiers from the deep South who enlisted and fought in the War.  
Please contact me directly if you know these people, recognize the city or house, or if you can offer a correction to my working identification of his ribbon bars or rank—

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